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Infrastructure and IT Operations  
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  Aeon launched the first hosted Exchange 2010 service and remains the only provider of hosted Exchange 2010
  Aeon Technology Partners becomes Nationwide certified CLEC provider
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AEON’s infrastructure services include more than just servers. They include network routers and switches, firewalls and security devices, desktops and peripherals, bandwidth and storage. We work with you to build a scalable solution that is architected to best meet your needs using:

  • Dedicated infrastructure: infrastructure assets are for only your use (higher cost) 
  • Mixed infrastructure: less critical infrastructure is shared, more critical infrastructure is dedicated (lower cost)

Infrastructure Services deliver IT distributed computing services in a managed approach, so that corporations can focus on their core business. We plan, implement, run and support the distributed computing infrastructure for organizations.

Infrastructure Services provide a complete range of technology implementation and support services from the network to the desktop. Our people possess the skills capabilities and expertise to service and support integrated multi vendor computing environments. AEON is capable of linking PCs and effectively manage shared processing power and the flow of information between them.

AEON focuses on helping customers optimize their distributed computing IT infrastructure by developing solutions that improve service levels and controlling costs through cultivating a partnership between AEON IT Outsourcing and the customer.

Simply put, we partner with our clients to assist them in developing and implementing viable solutions to address and resolve the needs of their dynamic IT organization. Ultimately, we help our clients reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, improve end-user productivity, and create value through the use of our service offerings.

The mission is to consistently deliver exceptional service to our clients while building long-term relationships that maximize customer satisfaction.

AEON focuses on delivering superior distributed computing outsourcing services that consistently meet our clients IT service requirements.

The basic principle is to build a superior link between client management and service delivery. We do this by focusing on ideas and solutions that are core to providing quality service delivery in the distributed computing outsourcing arena. We want to free our clients from being concerned with IT functions so that they can focus on their core business.

Our Technology Infrastructure Services fall under two categories, Selective Outsourcing and Project Services each of which is focused on the outsourcing suite of IT Management Services.

  • Selective Outsourcing Services provide customized solutions that are tailored to meet your unique IT requirements. Contracted services are typically obtained for a minimum of 12-month engagements but we are always opened to making exceptions to this.  

  • Project Services incorporate best practices and proven methodologies of the Project Management group on assignments that have a defined scope and objective. Services are typically billed on a time-and-materials basis but we also involve ourselves when fixed price opportunities present themselves.

AEON IT Outsourcing’s philosophy is based on taking care of our customers. Our ultimate goal is to deliver better service to our customers. AEON IT Outsourcing has a proven track record for maintaining high standards of customer satisfaction. AEON IT Outsourcing solutions incorporate a controlled site maintenance team, ensuring uniformity in the daily delivery of our service requirements.

Our experience allows us to develop customer care programs that deliver high quality IT solutions designed to maximize customer satisfaction. The benefit that AEON IT Outsourcing will bring to any client is a dedicated, highly skilled support staff that is focused on customer satisfaction. It is through our strong sense of customer satisfaction and commitment to providing exceptional service that AEON IT Outsourcing will enhance user productivity and performance to the customers support infrastructure.


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