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Aeon Secure Mail is a truly secure and regulations-compliant email solution:

End-to-end encryption. This means that the message is encrypted in the senders' desktop/PC/laptop and only unencrypted once it reaches the recipient's mailbox.
Military-grade security. Secure Mail encryption is based on PKI with 1024-bit RSA keys, X.509 and S/MIME – the industry's trusted standards.
Digital signatures. Each email is digitally signed to guarantee the message's integrity and allows for "electronic signature" – your email recipients can be assured that you wrote and sent the email – not an imposter.
Secure Mail makes it easy to benefit from these security features. Key benefits include:

Easy installation. Aeon Secure Mail is easy to install (a simple Outlook plug-in) and works immediately. You can even install the program on multiple computers for each user.
arrSend secure emails to anyone. Recipients of secure mail do not need to be Secure Mail subscribers to access the encrypted email.
arrNew capabilities. Aeon Secure Mail uses digital signatures, so you can be sure of a sender's identity. It also guarantees message integrity, so – for the first time – you can safely send important documents, confidential information and contracts via email.
arrNo upfront investment. Because it is a hosted solution, there are no upfront investments in hardware, certificates or other expensive yearly certificate renewals. You simply pay Aeon a monthly fee per user.


Pricing: Secure Mail is available with Aeon's hosted Exchange 2007 accounts for $7.95 per user per month, with a one-time setup fee of $7.95 per user.

If you are already an Aeon hosted Exchange 2007 customer, you can add Secure Mail by logging in to HostPilot and navigating to "MS Exchange Server > Email Compliance > Secure Mail".

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