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Anyone reselling Web hosting should consider Aeon's Discount Webhost program.
Unlike with other hosts, you can start reselling and profiting immediately, from the very first resold account. There are no minimum sales needed, and the more you sell, the higher your profit margin.

Get started today

To get started, just purchase one full-priced account (your "primary account") – we'll then give you a Reseller ID number. When you purchase additional accounts, just enter your Reseller ID in the Referral ID box and you will get discounts that start at 15% and go up to 50% per account!
Sign up is free, but you'll need to purchase – without using a promo or discount code – any Web hosting plan. Please note: only accounts purchased without a discount or promo code will be given a Reseller ID.
If you already have an account like this, you already qualify as a reseller!

Higher Sales = Higher Profits

Once you have your Reseller ID, you get 15% off all plans you sell (ie a 15% profit margin). The more accounts you resell, the bigger your discount/profit margin grows, up to 50%! Here is how your profits will increase:
Number of Accounts Resold Reseller Discount
1-4 15% off
5-9 20% off
10-19 25% off
20+ 30% off
40+ 35% off and free setup
60+ 40% off and free setup
80+ 45% off and free setup
100+ 50% off and free setup
* Please note: your primary account does not count as a resold account. Reseller discounts cannot be combined with any other promotions.

Manage accounts in one place: HostPilot™

Our award-winning HostPilot™ Control Panel lets you manage all the accounts you resell, quickly and easily. When you log in to your primary account, simply go to "Account > My Reseller Portfolio" to see your personal Reseller ID and to manage your resold accounts (this is assuming that the primary and client accounts' billing information is the same). You can also create new accounts here.
HostPilot is designed to give you total control. Your customers can manage their own accounts, up to the limits that you set for them. You are also able to specify how billing takes place, so you can pay for accounts using your primary reseller account or have your customers pay individually by credit card.

The most flexible, profitable program

We designed our Discount Reseller Program to be the most flexible, accommodating and profitable that is available anywhere.
To sign up, please purchase – without using a promo or discount – any shared or preferred Web hosting plan. Please note: only accounts purchased without a discount or promo code will be given a Reseller ID.
If you have questions or need help setting up your reseller account, please call: 1-877-393-3123.
See our reseller policies for all shared hosting products.
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